Toxic love And here I am, Back in my room. With nothing, but devastated soul. Wanting to untouch every part of mine caressed by you. Unloving myself, Unloving you. The marks on my skin you left, Carved so deeply Glow every night as I fall asleep. Reminding the angels, How they couldn’t save me Save […]



As I looked out of the window, The stars were no where to be seen, So I tried finding my solace in moon, But little did I know, Like me, Flawed things could never be called home. – looking for home


NEVER TOO LATE by Prof. G.K. Mithal

Title: Never Too Late Author: Professor G.K. MITHAL RATINGS: 3/5 SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: written by Prof GK MITHAL revolves around a girl named Pramela . Her character is portrayed as that of of a beautiful, smart and strong young girl who faces lots of difficulties and many up downs in her life. Despite these struggles , […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! She reads book as one would breathe air, to fill up and live Welcome to my world of books , fandom and music! I’ve always wanted to to take up blog writing in order to share my love for books and lilerature (and Shawn Mendes, of course) . I hope you’ll […]

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